OEA Holloways/Human and Civil Rights Award

The Holloways’ commitment to the education profession and exemplary human relations skills is evidenced by a total of 75-plus years of dedicated service and numerous contributions to the profession.

As ambassadors for the profession, not only across the state of Ohio and the nation, but around the world as well, they provided leadership at 30 OEA Representative Assemblies, 29 NEA Representative Assemblies, 9 WCOTP World Assemblies, and 8 years of service to the OEA Human and Civil Rights Commission (formerly called the Human Relations Commission).

The purpose of this award is to recognize achievements in human relations and related intercultural activities throughout the state of Ohio that impact upon children, communities, the educational process, and/or the United Education Profession.

Recipients of the OEA Holloways/Human and Civil Rights Award will be honored at the OEA Spring Representative Assembly.

Current members of the OEA Board of Directors and association staff members are not eligible for this scholarship. In addition, OEA Awards and Scholarship Committee Members are not eligible for two years after completion of service on the committee to apply or to be nominated.

For additional information, please contact Awards by emailing to: awards@ohea.org.